Scientists are humans during covid

We’re coming up to the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Scientists are Humans and looking back over what we’ve achieved, the last seven months have been quiet. We’ve not written many articles, or sent many tweets. The reason why is obvious: working in the pandemic has been hard, and we’ve not had a lot of time for writing. It’s been hard to access labs, it’s been hard to manage workloads, and it’s been hard to pivot to online teaching.

As we start a new term / semester we thought it might be good to put out a call, and a survey, to try and find out how people are getting on with work, life and science right now. For some people, COVID has been a show stopper. For others, it’s been an opportunity.

The survey: We’ve put together a survey to collect information about how people have been finding this time, and if you’d like to fill it in you can find it here: . It’s a completely informal survey which we’ll use to write an article or two – all questions are optional. If you want to vent, go for it.

The call for articles: If you want to write a longer piece for us we’d be happy to take submissions. The aim of this site is to consider the human stories behind the science, and there are so many stories to tell about our work and life over the last few months.

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